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Knowledge based-learning and knowledge-based teaching Training Cum Study Tour Program

The training program on “Knowledge based – learning and knowledge – based teaching” has been successfully held by AITVN for 03 groups of Bangladesh delegations, who mainly come from Ministry of Mass Primary Education of Bangladesh in Hanoi during April and May 2017.

This training program is targeted to provide the participants knowledge and experience sharing on Knowledge based – learning and knowledge – based teaching with real experience from Primary Schools (both public and non – public primary schools), Education farm.

This training program is designed with the improvement to focus on the diversification of trainers and trainers’ experience on various aspects related to primary education. With this training, participants has provided with overview of primary education system in Vietnam.

Group on 4th April to 12th April, 2017
to Trung Tu Primary School
Visit to Ninh My Primary School
in Ninh Binh Province
Group on May 28th to June 5th, 2017
to Nguyen Trai Primary School
Visit to Gia Tran Primary SchoolVisit to Van Dien A Primary SchoolVisit to Dang Tran Con Primary School