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English Bridging Program sponsored by AIT in Vietnam !!!

 1.    Sponsored Bridging Program for Postgraduate Study at AIT 

In order to support English language level of prospective students for Postgraduate programs at AIT-VN , we are going to organize SPONSORED Bridging Program for the interested candidates. The participants are expected to pay a deposit tuition fee of $400 to attend the course and he/she will be reimbursed this whole tuition fee if he/she passes the entrance exam and takes part in the AIT postgraduate programs.

Courses are expected to start in October, 2017.

2.    English for Specific Purposes

We understand that English language is important for everyone in their work and life.

At AIT-VN we offer Tailor-made in house English language training for General Communication and English for Specific Purposes (English for Construction, English for Business Communication, English for Presentation, English for Meeting, English for Negotiation, etc…) which meet your organization’s needs.

If you would like to acquire more information regarding to English Language Training at AIT-VN, please  contact:

Ms. Pham Hanh (MA)

Manager of Language Unit


Tel: +84 – 24 - 3766 9493 ext 120,

Mobile: + 84 989 138 815